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Nafilia Sachedina, MSW, RSW

"At the crux of every internal/external battle is an underlying need to feel seen, heard, and validated"


About Me:

My name is Nafilia Sachedina. I carry a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto and am a registered Social Worker in good standing. I am passionate about helping individuals make sense of their internal world so they can feel empowered in achieving wellbeing in the external world.

Afya in Swahili means "wellness". I chose this name for my practice because I believe in helping individuals explore what is holding them back from inner peace. It can be the nagging inner critic who loves to visit with intrusive thoughts; an event(s) that happened that is difficult to process; a repeated cycle you want to change; history of abuse and trauma; the discomfort of navigating through shame and feelings of abandonment, having boundaries; or, just a curiosity about what magic can happen in the space between a good therapist and client (please see my FAQ to see what a "good match" should feel like). 

My practice is informed by an intersectional lens (see FAQ for definition) and I work with a variety of clientele from various backgrounds.

Being vulnerable takes courage along with practice, and sometimes we all need a lift in developing the muscle of self-discovery.


Nafilia Sachedina, MSW, RSW

"In the temporary absence of hope, try and remain curious. There is wisdom on the other side of discomfort"


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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I only offer virtual and phone clients  at this time

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